Shenogen Pharma Group is a drug discovery and development company founded in 2006 based in Beijing, China that dedicated the development of first-in-class therapeutics for cancer treatment. We possess robust intellectual property rights around a novel membrane-bound estrogen receptor, ER-alpha 36, which is related to tumor metastasis.

We have a seasoned management team together with a scientific advisory board to make proper development strategy. Meanwhile, we are collaborating extensively with key research institutes and business partners to advance our pipeline projects. We also got governmental support as well as venture capital for drug research and development.

We have authored/ co-authored more than 40 publications on SCI journals and applied for nearly 50 patents, of which 24 have been granted. We have developed an impressive pipeline of small molecule and antibody drugs specifically targeted ER-alpha 36, which is mainly high expressed in cancer stem cells. The novel therapeutics makes it possible to provide radical cure of cancer with low relapse rate and side effects. Our lead compound naturally derived traditional Chinese herb is being evaluated in Phase II Clinical Trial. It is supposed to treat liver cancer, breast cancer and other estrogen related tumors, to be the next milestone of TCM modernization after artemisnin.

The name "Shenogen" comes from combining "Shen Nong" and "Gen". "Shen Nong" is the name of an ancient Chinese who pioneered traditional Chinese herbs, and "Gen" represents the latest biotechnology and medical sciences. At Shenogen, we let traditional Chinese herbs meet modern medical technology. Under the motto of “Better Medicine, Better Life”, we combine innovative advantages of new technology, new target, new product and independent intellectual property, to be the leader of cancer stem cell drug development.

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