SNG-162 (Icaritin) is a first-in-class small molecule naturally derived a TCM. It is specifically targeted at ER-alpha 36 for cancer treatment, which includes liver cancer and breast cancer. Icaritin got IND approval in October, 2009 and completed clinical trial phase I by Prof. Binghe Xu in Cancer Institute & Hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences. Icaritin got approval for phase II/III clinical trials in January, 2013. Now Icaritin phase II clinical trial is hosted by Prof. Yan Sun, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, progressing simultaneously in multiple hospitals. We also got government support for this program.

Icaritin clinical results show encouraging signal for liver cancer treatment. None of existed drugs have such efficacy. Icaritin has dominant advantages: new target, high efficacy, safety and low toxicity. We hold the belief that icaritin will be a blockbuster drug in the near future. It will be another milestone of East-Meets-West drug after artemisnin.