Dr. Kun Meng is a co-founder, Chairman & CEO of Shenogen Pharma Group. He has more than 15-year research experience in molecular biology, small molecule drug and pharmacology, as well as over 10-year experience of drug development and management in pharma industry. He is familiar with the overall process of drug R&D ranging from research to clinic, from market to venture. He also stays in touch with the latest progress in biopharma domestic and abroad. He maintains a broad network with researchers, industrialists, entrepreneurs and investors. Dr. Meng was CEO of a traditional Chinese medicine technology company and Chief Technical Officer of Jianxin Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. Dr. Meng received Ph.D. degree of Biochemistry from Chinese Academy of Sciences. He completed postdoctoral training in Harvard and Washington University School of Medicine, and he also received MPA degree from Kennedy School at Harvard. Dr. Meng was elected to the National Thousand Talents, Beijing High-level Talents Organization and Beijing Scientific Leader Program.

Dr. Charlie Wang is a co-founder, Chief Science Officer & Member of Board of Directors of Shenogen Pharma Group. He received Ph.D. degree from Washington University at St. Louis. He completed postdoctoral training in Princeton University, and was Assistant Professor of Harvard Medical School. Dr. Wang was a professor of pathology in Creighton University, director of an oncology laboratory when he founded Shenogen together with Dr. Kun Meng. Dr. Wang has over 20-year experience in cancer research. He is expert in molecular cancer biology, especially cell proliferation, differentiation and apoptosis. Dr. Wang is dedicated to study breast cancer related genes. He identified and cloned a novel membrane estrogen receptor ER-alpha 36 and studied its functions. His findings greatly contributed to the understanding of the pathogenesis of breast cancer, and got high remarks from Elwood Jensen, fellow of National Academy of Sciences and V. Craig Jordan, “Father of Tamoxifen”. Dr. Wang received grants from NIH, American Cancer Society, the US Department of Defense and Susan G. Komen Foundation. Dr. Wang has authored/ co-authored more than 70 peer-reviewed papers, host and attended many key scientific conferences, written four books and owned three granted patents. Dr. Wang returned China in 2014. He was elected into the Recruitment Program of Global Experts, Beijing Haiju Program and Shandong Taishan Academician Program.

Dr. Jian Peng is Senior Vice President of ShenogenPharma Group, responsible for regulatory affairs and drug development strategy. Dr. Peng has high reputation in drug regulatory and drug development, and has worked in the field for the last 20 years. Prior to joining Shenogen, he served as scientific advisor, director of clinical research & oncology head of Asia Pacific, Sanofi, sequentially. Before that, Dr. Peng was in charge of oncology drug approval in Center of Drug Evaluation (CDE), Chinese Food and Drug Administration (CFDA). He was lead director of the program for oncology drug clinical research and evaluation, which helped to improve quality of clinical trials in China. Dr. Peng played a key role in leading several Chinese first-in-class oncology drugs to approval, including Icotinib from BettaPharma, Apatinib from Heng Rui Medicine, Chidamide from Chipscreen. He was also the leader of Oxaliplatin (Sanofi) clinical trials and regulatory process in China. Dr. Peng got his PhD degree from China Pharmaceutical University and master degree from China Academy of Chinese Medicine Sciences. Dr. Peng is author/co-author of more than 20 SCI papers and serves as a member of Chinese Society of Clinical Oncology (CSCO). 

Dr. Jun Bao is Senior Vice President and Chief Business Officer of Shenogen Pharma Group. He also serves as a member of board of directors as well as acting Chief Financial Officer. He is responsible for company’s business development, financing and corporate strategy. He has over 20 years of combined business and science experiences. He is well-experienced in the areas of new drug R&D, technology transfer, licensing and business development, venture investment and corporate financing. Before he joined Shenogen, Dr. Bao was Director, Worldwide Business Development, Head of China at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), responsible for business development activities in China. Prior to GSK, he worked at Onyx Pharmaceuticals, ICOS Corporation and Cell Therapeutics as a business development executive with progressive responsibilities. Dr. Bao also worked as a finance manager in Procter & Gamble based in Cincinnati. He received a BS in Microbiology from Shandong University and a PhD in Neuroscience from University of Kansas. Dr. Bao completed his postdoctoral fellowship in Johns Hopkins University. In addition, he received an MBA in Finance from University of Chicago. He has authored/co-authored more than 30 research publications and co-founded two start-up biotech companies. Dr. Bao was also a board member of BayHelix.

Dr. Xiao Shang is a Senior Vice President of Shenogen Pharma Group, responsible for Antibody Drug Conjugate (ADC) and chemical development projects. He has nine years of work experience at Seattle Genetics, a leading ADC company in the world. At Seattle Genetics he was a team leader working on the discovery and optimization of production processes for critical raw materials, potent drugs and drug-linkers, and participated in non-commercial supply of critical starting materials, process optimization and scale-ups, GMP production, process validation, and large scale commercial manufacture. Dr. Shang supported the successful development of the world’s first highly specific and efficacious ADC (ADCETRIS) through the stages of preclinical studies, clinical trials and commercialization in just a few years and in the face of resourceconstrain.  Dr. Shang also supported many other internal ADC programs at Seattle Genetics and programs from many multinational big-pharma and biotechs, such as Pfizer, Roche-Genentech, Bayer, GSK, Abbott, Daiichi-Sankyo, Takeda. Before joining Seattle Genetics, he worked for Chiron and Sanofi-Aventis as research scientist in medicinal chemistry and process chemistry. Dr. Shang received his B.Sc.-Chemistry from Peking University and his Ph.D.-Organic Chemistry from University of Alberta. He completed his postdoctoral training at University of Toronto.  Dr. Shang won the Beijing High-Level Oversea Talents Award.

Dr. Qingcong Lin is Vice President of Shenogen Pharma Group, responsible for biologic drug development. Dr. Lin has extensive expertise in multiple drug R&D and therapeutic areas, including cell biology, molecular biology, molecular genetics, genetically engineered mouse tumor model, therapeutic antibody development, hybridoma antibody and human phage antibody library construction, antibody engineering, antibody humanization, affinity maturation and optimization, and mammalian antibody expression and production. Prior to joining Sheongen, He worked in Pfizer as a principal scientist and group leader of antibody engineering group. Before joining Pfizer, he worked in Wyeth and Harvard Medical School as Director of Genetic Engineering Lab of Genetics and Genomics Research Center. Dr. Lin got B.S. in Cell Biology and M.S. in Developmental Biology from Wuhan University. After graduating from Wuhan University, Dr. Lin started teaching in Nanjing University, during that period of time he did molecular biology research in Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Institute of Cell Biology as a visiting scientist in 1990. Dr. Lin received Ph.D. of Molecular Cell Biology from Albert-Einstein College of Medicine and completed postdoctoral training in Albert-Einstein College of Medicine and Harvard Medical School. He also got a M.S. of Computer Science from City University of New York in 2001.

Mr. Yongmao Liu is Executive Vice President of Shenogen Pharma Group, responsible for manufacturing and administrating. Mr. Liu was VP of Novozyme China and Novo Nordisk China. He was a deputy Manager of Northeast General Pharmaceutical Factory, deputy director of Shenyang Medicine Administration, vice president of Northeast Pharmaceuticals, President of China-Japan Shenyang Eisai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Mr. Liu graduated from Beijing University of Chemical Technology, majoring in Organic Chemistry. He holds a title of Senior Engineer. In 1994 to 2004, Mr. Liu was also an executive member or vice chairman of Chinese Fermentation Industry Association and its Enzymes Branch, Chinese Detergent Association, Chinese Food Technology Association, Chinese Chemical Pharmaceutical Association International Committee, Beijing Foreign-Invested Enterprise Association and its Haidian Branch. Beyond that, Mr. Liu led the production process optimization of rifampicin, a drug for tuberculosis treatment, and achieved the highest standard nationwide. He is a major promoter of the first generation of ethanol fuel in China, as well as a successful ambassador to recruit international companies into China, including Novo Nordisk (Denmark), Bravat (Germany) and Eisai (Japan), which brought in great economical benefits. Mr. Liu is author of two books, Transnational Symbiosis and Wealth that is refound.

Dr. Bin Ye is Vice president of Shenogen Pharma Group, responsible for biomarker R&D and precision therapeutics. Dr. Ye got his PhD in Weizmann Institute of Sciences, Israel, and completed postdoctoral training in Harvard Medical School. Dr. Ye owns extensive experience in biomarker and bio-analytical for clinical trials and translational research. Prior to Shenogen, Dr. Ye was in charge of outsourcing and clinical study biomarker monitoring in Novartis. Before Novartis, Dr. Ye did research in Dana-Farber Harvard Cancer Center and Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Dr. Ye has authored/co-authored nearly 20 publications and owns 4 patents.

Dr. Hong Guo is the Chief Medical Officer and Vice President for Clinical Development of Beijing Shenogen Pharma Group.  Dr. Guo has more than 20 years of experience in clinical development, and has led many clinical research programs at several multinational pharmaceutical companies, including Novartis, GSK, Novo Nordisk, Pfizer, Merck and Bayer. He is very strong in the execution of clinical development and has insights in clinical trial practices.  Dr. Guo is well connected with oncology clinical trial PIs in many large hospitals in China, and led many successful Phase III oncology trial programs.  Prior to joining Shenogen, he was Novartis’ Global Monitoring Operation (GMO) Country Head for China, responsible for all of Novartis’ late stage oncology clinical programs and managed a 60+ oncology clinical development team. He earned his MD degree from the Capital Medical University and started his career as an anesthetist at the Beijing Chest Tumor Hospital, and later on received an MBA degree from the University of East London. He was a committee member for the 1st and 2nd China Pharmaceutical Conferences, and currently acts as the chairman for the RDPAC Clinical Operations, and team leader for the Inspection Task Force, responsible for communications with CFDI/CFDA, HGRAO/MOST and collaborations with the RA and QA teams in RDPAC for foreign companies.