Shegonen owns the robust global intellectual property around a novel estrogen receptor ER-alpha 36, which is related to tumor metastasis. Based on this competitive advantage, we keep discovering and developing first-in-class small molecule and antibody drugs for cancer treatment including liver cancer, breast cancer, other solid tumors and leukemia. 

We have established two scientific platforms. One is Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator (SERM) development platform, which is used for screening and identifying small molecule candidates that regulate activities of ER mutants (ER-alpha 36, ER-alpha 66 or ER-alpha 46). The other is ER-alpha 36 binding antibody drug development platform, which is used for screening mAb candidates that specifically bind ER-alpha 36. Combining two platforms together makes it possible to screen and identify specific drugs targeted ER-alpha 36 in cancer stem cell.

   Scientific Platform