Dr. Kun Meng is a co-founder, Chairman & CEO of Shenogen Pharma Group. He has more than 15-year research experience in molecular biology, small molecule drug and pharmacology, as well as over 10-year experience of drug development and management in pharma industry. He is familiar with the overall process of drug R&D ranging from research to clinic, from market to venture. He also stays in touch with the latest progress in biopharma domestic and abroad. He maintains a broad network with researchers, industrialists, entrepreneurs and investors. Dr. Meng was CEO of a traditional Chinese medicine technology company and Chief Technical Officer of Jianxin Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. Dr. Meng received Ph.D. degree of Biochemistry from Chinese Academy of Sciences. He completed postdoctoral training in Harvard and Washington University School of Medicine, and he also received MPA degree from Kennedy School at Harvard. Dr. Meng was Beijing High-level Talents Organization and Beijing Scientific Leader Program.

Dr. Charlie Wang is a co-founder, Chief Science Officer & Member of Board of Directors of Shenogen Pharma Group. He received Ph.D. degree from Washington University at St. Louis. He completed postdoctoral training in Princeton University, and was Assistant Professor of Harvard Medical School. Dr. Wang was a professor of pathology in Creighton University, director of an oncology laboratory when he founded Shenogen together with Dr. Kun Meng. Dr. Wang has over 20-year experience in cancer research. He is expert in molecular cancer biology, especially cell proliferation, differentiation and apoptosis. Dr. Wang is dedicated to study breast cancer related genes. He identified and cloned a novel membrane estrogen receptor ER-alpha 36 and studied its functions. His findings greatly contributed to the understanding of the pathogenesis of breast cancer, and got high remarks from Elwood Jensen, fellow of National Academy of Sciences and V. Craig Jordan, “Father of Tamoxifen”. Dr. Wang received grants from NIH, American Cancer Society, the US Department of Defense and Susan G. Komen Foundation. Dr. Wang has authored/ co-authored more than 70 peer-reviewed papers, host and attended many key scientific conferences, written four books and owned three granted patents. Dr. Wang returned China in 2014. He was elected into the Recruitment Program of Global Experts, Beijing Haiju Program and Shandong Taishan Academician Program.