Beijing Shenogen Pharma Group Ltd.’s affiliate, Shandong Shenogen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has recently received the <Drug Clinical Trial Approval> for SNG1153 issued by the State Food and Drug Administration, with the approval number: 2018L02511. SNG1153 is developed for treating advanced cancer.

SNG1153 is a synthetic derivative of Icaritin that can inhibit the growth of various cancer cells (MDA-MB-231, MCF-7, Daudi, K562, Hep-12). Pharmacodynamic studies on animal models have shown that the cancer inhibition rate exceeds 50-60% in endometrial cancer and breast cancer xenograft models; prolonged the survival period of K562 (myeloid carcinoma) in situ chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) mouse model. SNG1153 inhibits the growth of CML, K562, IMR (IMR = Imatinib resistant) and UT7Bcr-AblT315I mutant cells, as well as the cloning of primary CD34 + stem/progenitor cells from CML patients.

To further enrich the product pipeline, in accordance with the company's key research directions, Shenogen carried out the research and development of SNG1153 and obtained clinical approval in May 2018. The company will conduct clinical trials in strict accordance with the requirements of the CFDA and will file a New Drug Application (NDA) thereafter.


SNG1153 Received Clinical Trial Approval